Privacy Policy

By signing up or using Timsmek’s website, you agree to the Privacy Policy given below.


Timsmek understands that every customer and site user wants their information kept safe. Timsmek detests spamming as much as the customer or site user does. In this Privacy Policy, we have explained the pieces of information we collect from our site users and customers, why we collect such pieces of information and how we handle it.

1. The pieces of information we collect

1.a. During Sign Up, Timsmek asks the site user to input their Name, Email Address and Phone Number. This piece of information grants the site user the Membership Status. When the site user wishes to make a hardcover book purchase, we request for the customer’s address for shipping purposes.

1.b. We use cookies to collect information such as the site user’s location and activities on our site.

2. Why We Collect the Information in 1.a. and 1.b.

2.a. Timsmek collects users Name, Email Address and Phone number during registration so they can have access to the Membership contents on our website and receive personalized support from us. We use the information to process customer’s orders. We use the phone number for account security. Only registered site users shall be able to able to read free books from our site. Free books are those ones with NGN0.00 as the price.

2.b. We collect site users’ name, email address and phone number during Sign Up so they can post reviews on books. A site user may be contacted over a review to provide more information. It is the user’s prerogative to accept or reject such a request.

2.c. We serve cookies so we can analyse our traffic and make necessary improvements. When a site user logs in, we serve cookies to personalise the user’s experience on our site.

3. How We Process your Data

3.a. Timsmek does not sell, share or lease any information collected from our site users. We use site users’ Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Contact Address to process and deliver to them, books they purchased from us. We use the information to know those who read our books and that have access to our free books and identify them when they need support with their accounts.

3.b. Customers who opted to receive important updates from Timsmek, during Sign Up, shall be sent our monthly newsletter via their registered email address. A customer may unsubscribe from this service at any time, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email or writing us.

3.c. Timsmek may call a customer on the registered phone number to ensure an ordered book was rightly delivered and received. Furthermore, Timsmek may contact a customer via phone or email over their subscription or use of Timsmek’s Services. Timsmek may also, from time-to-time send a site user a text message announcement of a key news or event that may interest them, based on their preferences.

4. Account Termination

4.a. Every account created with us shall remain active so long as the site user or customer does not violate Timsmek Terms of Service. However, Timsmek reserves the right to suspend or delete any account that is suspected to be malicious or abusive.

4.b. Reviews posted on books are opinions of our site users. Timsmek reserves the right to delete without any prior notice, any comment that is deemed inappropriate or provocative and may suspend or delete any account that posts a malicious or offensive comment.

5. Disclaimer

Any site user who exposes their contact information themselves by including it in the Review or Comment Box, does so at their own risk. Timsmek shall not be held responsible for account theft, hack or any damages arising from data compromise caused by a customer’s negligence or system error.